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aunty miemie's pickled fish


aunty miemie's pickled fish

RECIPE: aunty miemie's pickled fish

traditional fisherwomen aunty miemie is famed for her delectable rendition of pickled fish with a story which she prepares with seasonally available linefish. fish was traditionally pickled as a means of preservation, and now holds great cultural significance for fisherfolk particularly at easter time. The pickled fish is served here in butter roti, but it is equally delicious on rice or in wraps. read more about aunty miemie's story below.

Serves: 6–8, dependent on fish size

Prep time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes

Pickling time: 1–3 days, optional

Works well with: Yellowtail, any seasonally available Fish With A Story

 Easter, Special Occasion


whole Fish With A Story

2 tbsp tumeric

1 tbsp pickled fish spice 

1 bay leaf, crushed

4 tbsp medium curry powder

200 ml brown vinegar

2 cups of sugar

6 medium onions, sliced

oil for frying



  1. Saute onions in oil at low heat. Add water occasionally so the onions don't stick.

  2. Salt the fish, dust in flour and shallow fry in oil.

  3. Mix the spices into the sugar. Add vinegar. Add to the onions.

  4. Cook for around 10 minutes to release the flavours.

  5. In a large non-metal dish, layer the sauce and fried fish.

  6. Pickled fish can be enjoyed hot immediately after preparation, or cover and refrigerate. The flavour intensifies after a couple days of pickling in the fridge. The  fish will keep for 2–6 months in the fridge.


Recipe credit:
Emily Newman
or Aunty Miemie as she prefers to be known, is a fourth-generation traditional fisherwomen born and raised in the Melkhoutfontein fishing community on the Cape South Coast of South Africa.  Miemie speaks fondly of her connection to the sea and recollects a childhood spent fishing and harvesting resources from the shore. She moved to Struisbaai and married a traditional linefish skipper, Marthinus, who hails from the Newman family of fisherfolk who were forcibly displaced from Skipskop under Apartheid.  

This dish is prepared with love, the fish is caught with love. eat it with love. As fisherfolk, we have a great deal of love for fish and fishing. in everything we do, we pour our hearts and traditions into it. thank you for supporting fish with a story.


aunty miEmie newman, traditional fisherwomAn
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