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yellowtail ceviche


yellowtail ceviche

RECIPE: yellowtail ceviche with a story

chef glen emil foxcroft williams, owner of foxcroft restaurant in constantiA, shares his recipe for responsibly sourced yellowtail ceviche.

"This dish was built around the 2020 vintage of the Mullineux Kloof Street Chenin for one of our Winemakers Dinner Series at Foxcroft. The 2020 vintage is decidedly crisp and loaded with tropical and stone fruit expression on the nose, while finishing herbaceous and mineral. In the dish we tried to match that profile with bright acidity, tropical and green notes, tied around an oily, mineral fish like prime summertime yellowtail." – Chef Glen


Serves: 4-6

Prep time: 15 minutes

Works well with: Yellowtail, any Fish With A Story

Effortless entertaining


500 g Yellowtail With A Story, cleaned and filleted

10 litchis, peeled and cubed, juice reserved

4 limes

½ lemon

1 small red onion, minced

½ cucumber, cubed

small bunch coriander stalks

1 avocado

chillies to taste (aji Amarillo are best for ceviche, 2nd place is habanero)

few sprigs lemon verbena

flaky sea salt

good quality finishing oil (we use coriander oil made in house, but you can use good olive, avocado or nut oils)

tostadas or corn chips

Chef's notes: Habaneros are the more accessible chilli of the two locally. Feel free to use jalapeños for more green flavour and milder heat, however, stirring your chopped habanero in a ramekin of just boiled water for 10 seconds before straining will take a considerable portion of the heat away without losing the fruity tropical flavour of fresh habaneros.


  1. Prepare as much as possible before you begin so that it can be assembled quickly and right before eating.

  2. Slice yellowtail thinly, on the bias with a sharp, wet knife. If your fillet is quite large, break it down slightly lengthwise until you have manageable pieces.

  3. Transfer the sliced fish to a mixing bowl with the cubed cucumber and season liberally with flaky salt.

  4. Add your onion, chopped coriander stalks, chillies, and verbena. Toss well with a mixing spoon to combine well and aerate.

  5. Zest two of your limes into the bowl, then juice all your citrus into the bowl, followed by your chopped litchis and any leftover juice. Stir to combine and aerate.

  6. Check seasoning and adjust.

  7. Cube your avocado last and fold through gently so as not to break it up. Alternatively you can make a simple avocado puree as pictured.

  8. Transfer to your serving bowl, dress with oil, coriander leaves and edible flowers. Serve with crispy tostadas or corn chips.

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